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Your Safety Is Our Business

Driving up and down highways can be truly demanding if your business involves a lot of heavy-duty hauling, transporting, and logistical handling. This requires a serious amount of taking all the safety and security measures to heart, from departure to arrival, of any truck or service vehicle in your fleet.

We at JEBL Ltd, as truckers ourselves, are aware of the financial benefits of using engine brakes vs friction brakes. We as motorists are also aware of the safety aspect of fair and clear indication of brake application. Our BCF-26 modules installed relieve the drivers responsibility to indicate braking by use of engine brakes with the same consideration as braking by friction ( or existing foot brake)application. We offer installation service for a reasonable fee. Please call for more info, fleet pricing,or further information. 204 623 0842 if no answer please leave a message, we will promply return all calls. thank you and please look through the rest of our website. Happy and safe trucking and motoring.. JEBL LTD

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