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What Customers Have to Say

Confident Motoring, Safe Arrivals

We have the majority of our fleet of truck tractors equipped with the joshenginebrakelight system. We are very happy with this safety accessory and would strongly recommend it to any other safety minded company

Doug Wilkinson Lakeshore landscaping The Pas Mb

 I don't have a unit in my yard without the joshenginebrakelight system. As a driver myself I have witnessed the benefits as following vehicles, both semi and small vehicles don't run up on our rigs when we are using engine braking vs friction brakes as before we equipped our units with the joshenginebrakelight. I firmly believe we have prevented rear collisions by having this product. I wouldn't have a rig on the road without the joshenginebrakelight. 5 stars out of 5. Should be mandatory!!! Thnx Justin!

Justin - Klym Trucking

We equipped our Pete with the joshenginebrakelight as a trial a year ago. The system works great, and we consider it to have huge safety benefits. Excellent product! Thank you!

Kel Doak - Doaks Bulk Fuels

Although our fleet of trucks is small,we have installed the joshenginebrakelight in all our units a year ago! We would encourage anyone with safety in mind to consider this product, we believe in this joshenginebrakelight 100 percent. Thanks!

Wes Werbicki - Werbicki Bros Hauling

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Proactive thinking is the key to safety. At JEBL Ltd., 600 kms north of Winnipeg in The Pas, we believe that you can drive defensively and deliver goods safely only if you have the right tools at your disposal. Our customers agree and are often even too generous with their statements to attest to this fact. They know that when it comes to safety, we are the people to contact. Allow us to share some of their reviews with you.

We, at JEBL LTD, are proud to announce that Janice and Larry Foy, of J and L enterprises( a safety wise company) in Prince Albert sk have equipped their fleet with our BCF-26 engine brake light system. We are also proud to announce that Lakeshore Landscaping ( another safety conscious company)based in The Pas MB, has equipped their fleet with our BCF-26 module. As has Jory Trucking, Daryl Hill Trucking,, Werbicki Bros hauling, Doaks Bulk Fuels, and full fleet equipped companies,Klym and son, Justin Klym Trucking

What Drives Us

We value customer feedback. Your ideas drive us to come up with more innovations to make life better. Let us know your thoughts. It is crucial to our creative process.

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